What is Hall Pass?

Hall Pass is a members-only access card to curated, high-end experiences for tastemakers in Los Angeles. We provide tailored recommendations and unparalleled access to get our members behind the velvet rope, with perks beyond the ordinary.

Is Hall Pass a credit card?

No, we are a members-only platform. But we can link your favorite existing credit card to our black titanium membership card. We offer this service for our members for a one-time set up fee of $100. If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, please visit here for more information.

What are the qualifications to become a member?

Our membership application allows us to hand-select an active community of interesting, adventurous, high-achieving people. We want our members to make deep friendships, find synergies to work together, and feel safe and inspired at every step. Membership is limited and highly-selective; we favor potential members that show the drive, time, and financial ability to take advantage of all the exclusive opportunities we make available to the community.

What are some of the benefits of Hall Pass?

We have a wide range of unparalleled benefits for members in multiple categories including Dining, Nightlife, Health & Wellness, Activities, Entertainment, Luxury Rentals, Travel and more! These include priority access to some of the best restaurants and nightlife in the city with “members-only” perks at partner venues, plus member rates on travel, rentals, activities, and more. As we expand to more major cities, your Hall Pass membership is automatically active in these locations!