Hall Pass is a Members-only platform that connects great people with great venues, services, and unique experiences. 

Members are high-end, high-spending tastemakers that hold a valid Hall Pass Card. 

Partners are high-end, exclusive, and otherwise unique venues and services offering access and/or perks to Members. 

Perks are provided to Members by Partners, enabling various exclusive access and deals.

The Card verifies your status as a Hall Pass Member, allowing you to gain access and/or utilize perks.

The Platform lets (logged in) Members browse to see which venues they have access to and/or where they can utilize available Perks.




Remember: You must present your card to utilize Perks so keep it with you wherever you go 💳  – there is a digital equivalent for your Apple Wallet or your Google Wallet as well.

Partners may scan your card at anytime to verify your active status. Please be ready to present it anytime they ask to see it.

If you ever lose your card, please reach out to Concierge to let us know so we can replace it (an additional charge of 40 dollars will be included for this).




The Platform is our website and app where you can browse and utilize all of the perks available to you as a Member.

Perks can only be seen and utilized by logged in Members, so make sure to login anytime it asks. If you don’t remember your login information, reach out to Concierge for help.

You can save the Platform to your home screen on your iPhone or Android devices with the following instructions to quickly access it anytime:

• iPhone – Tap the Share button in the bottom center of Safari and select the option Add to Home Screen.

• Android – Tap the Menu button in the top right corner of Chrome and select the option Add to Home Screen.




Our team is available 24/7 to help you out any way that we can. We have a Knowledge Base that you can check out to get answers to frequently asked questions, and we’re also reachable anytime via our Concierge.